The Streak or Smith? ELIte Benched for Geno and Why it Doesn’t Make Sense

A) 59% Completion Percentage, 2,525 yards, 13 touchdowns, 13 INT, and a 77.5 Passer Rating. 14 Games Played. B) 62.5% Completion Percentage, 2,411 yards, 14 touchdowns, 7 INT, and a 84.1Passer Rating. 11 Games Played. With news coming out about Eli Manning’s streak of 210 consecutive games started coming to an end, I polled a […]

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October Scaries

With just three wins in the first twelve games, the New York Rangers find themselves looking up in the standings with many fans and experts alike, looking for answers. Caught in what seems to be an organizational identity crisis, the Rangers can’t decide whether they are getting over the hump or rebuilding, and the slow […]

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Vesey Watch: Complete.

Once again the New York Rangers have won the sweepstakes for a coveted UFA coming out of college. This time around it was the reigning Hobey Baker winner Jimmy Vesey out of Havard. From the day it was announced that Vesey was not going to sign with the Nashville Predators, the team that had drafted […]

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Armchair GM

With the New York Rangers’ season winding down and the thoughts of “coulda, woulda and shoulda,” dancing around the minds of the Blueshirt faithful, let’s dive a little further into it. A lot of people like to play “armchair GM” especially after a trade or an early playoff exit, so why stop? The first round […]

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