4th Annual Turkey Roll Preview

It’s that time of the year again. Baseball is over, Halloween has come and gone, Fall Semester is ending along with Fall itself…but not before Thanksgiving and the Annual Turkey Roll for the BBHL. This is what you wait all year for, all those midnight games in the Porto Fino & BOCES parking lot have led up to this. November 24th is the date and the boys will be ready. In this article I will preview the teams, players to watch and predictions for each game, Championship & MVP. Let’s go.

Team Top Gun: James Barrett(C), John Carruba(G), Dan Barrett, Bryan Lehman, Anthony Costales & Connor Greene. This team is gonna be fun to watch, plain and simple. They have a roster full of experience as all 6 played in the first Roll. This team holds all 3 MVP trophies with Carruba(Goose) and 2x J.Barrett(Maverick). Hard working D.Barrett(Viper) is a strong defensive presence and isn’t afraid to rip shots as well in the offensive zone, Dan is still seeking his first TR Championship and should be hungry for on this year. B.Lehman(Merlin) has quietly asserted himself as one of the top players in The Roll and has a knack for winning as he has won 2 Championships, could be the steal of the draft in the 3rd round. A.Costales(Hollywood)…this guy is crazy, he might be playing with 2 skates, 1 or even none, huge physical presence and has the “push shot from hell”. Finally, C.Greene(Iceman) is on this roster to lay the body out for his teammates whether it’s a hit or blocking shots and don’t be surprised if he comes up with a big goal…interestingly he’s on the same team with B.Lehman so it’s a mystery as to who he will drop the gloves with this year. Oh and little surprise here, Tony Maglioni is the Coach.

Team Goalie Situation: Eric Russo(C/G), Chris Danetti(G), Scott Clark, Pat Newins, Kyle Brophy & Sean Wilson. This team will be an interesting watch. How will they determine the Goaltending situation? That’s the big question but other than that they have a lot of talent up top. Starting with Captain/Goalie E.Russo, he is probably the better of the 2 they have but if he’s in net, the forwards will miss his leadership and 2 way ability. C.Danetti is a potent goal scorer and smooth skater but will he have to play a game in net? If he does, the team may be in trouble as rumor has it that he has the reflexes of a woman in her mid 50’s and he may or may not be made of Swiss cheese. S.Clark, he’s fast and can shoot hard so basically don’t let him get the ball, he’s dangerous from anywhere and everywhere. P.Newins is a total wildcard, vicious slapper and wrister but can he play both ways? Only time will tell. K.Brophy, totally forgot about him. This is who Greene will fight, no doubt. He is an agitator and can play some good defense, solid complimentary piece. S.Wilson, underdog. People are underestimating him and for good reason, he hasn’t done much. BUT DON’T COUNT HIM OUT. This kid has heart and the ball has a way of finding his stick, if he can learn how to hit an empty net, WATCH OUT.

Team Touchdown: Christian Kennedy(C), Steve Morra(G), Eric Morra, Erik Krug, Jason Russo & Kenneth Barrett. You’re probably wondering why they’re named Team Touchdown and it’s because they are going to get 7 goals put on them each game they play, They are TRASH. C.Kennedy, he can skate and skate and skate but will he be able to put the team on his back? Probably not. S.Morra, OK, Steve is a very good goalie and I feel bad that this is the team that Kennedy put in front of him, but whatever. E.Morra, he has improved a lot over the past year and has even shown a knack of finding the back of the net but is he 3rd round worthy? I don’t know, I guess we will find out. E.Krug, I am personally expecting a HUGE tourney from him and if he plays how i suspect then this team might have a shot to pull an upset. J.Russo, used to be a top defenseman in The Roll but after not playing for basically a full year who knows what he looks like. I expect some rust and it could be a problem, but if he finds his old form, this could be a steal in the 4th round. K.Barrett, hangs around the net and has shown some skill offensively but that’s it. He’s not a hard skater and doesn’t play defense so that’s why he’s a 5th rounder. Probably would’ve fit better on Top Gun where he has chemistry but whatever.

Players to watch: Dan Barrett, Anthony Costales, Chris Danetti, Sean Wilson, Eric Morra, Erik Krug & Kenneth Barrett. Expect at least one and probably more to break out this year. My money is on E.Krug.

Game Predictions:

Top Gun vs. Goalie Situation- This game is going to be won or lost between the pipes and if it comes down to which Goalie can make a big save, have your money on John Carruba the veteran 3x Champion for Top Gun to prevail. I expect a barn burner but 4-3 Top Gun win.

Goalie Situation vs. Touchdown- Depending on who’s in the net for Goalie Situation this could be a blowout. Steve Morra will do everything he can to try and keep his team in it but i just don’t think he’ll be able to pull off a miracle here. 7-3 win for Goalie Situation.

Touchdown vs. Top Gun- This will be a blowout. Cover your children’s eyes for this one because it will be a murder. As soon as Kennedy picked J.Barrett’s brother, K.Barrett, in the 5th round after J.Barrett asked him not to, this became a rivalry. Kennedy and Touchdown will regret that pick. 8-0 (2 point conversion) win for Top Gun.

Semis: Goalie Situation vs. Touchdown- This one will be a lot closer. Goalie Situation may get caught off guard here as Touchdown is sick of being embarrassed and their Goaltending gets exposed early. This could be a thriller and unfortunately for Goalie Situation, an upset. Touchdown wins, 5-4 in Overtime.

Finals: Top Gun vs Touchdown- The rematch everyone will want (except Goalie Situation). This won’t be a blowout as Touchdown again, will come out blazing hoping to punch Top Gun in the face early. The scoring stays low and this becomes an instant classic but Touchdown doesn’t have enough in the tank to pull off another upset. 3-2 Top Gun are the Turkey Roll Champs.

MVP Prediction: The man who had the only shutout in the tourney and gives up the least goals against gets the MVP. John Carruba, he wins his 4th Turkey Roll and 2nd MVP. He will be a first ballot BOCES Hall Of Famer.





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